Anjel Scents

Anjel Scents is a business that started out as a hobby due to my frustration with not being able to find candles I love. That’s the frustration that comes with having your favorites discontinued. I took the bull by the horn and decided I’d make my own. After awhile I got the hang of it and was able to make candles that smelled great, and had excellent hot and cold throws…and burned slow, giving more burn time.

The scent lasts even after you blow the candle out! I started off using only soy wax, being environmentally friendly and all. I branched out and tried paraffin wax – we had a hard time at first, but I’ve grown to love it, as it makes beautiful candles. I use my knowledge to pick which wax works better with each scent. My sister pushed me to make a real business of it after so many people shared my love for them and supported me. Anjel Scents was born.

I’ve picked every scent not based on just my opinion of them, but the suggestions and feedback I’ve received from others. I’m still open to that – if you want a scent you don’t see let me know! It’s is about making you happy! This has been a labor of love which has literally taken my blood (I’ve had measuring cups explode in my hand..not to mention the burns before I used an oven mit), sweat (standing over hot wax is NOT glamorous no matter how you look), and tears (I’ve been frustrated, but I’ve also burned my eyes in the process).  All wounds have healed, and I’m very happy, humble and proud to introduce you to a piece of me.

Thanks in advance for your support!